Pure 360 API : Event Notifications (Webhooks)

Being able to retrieve notifications of events that occur within the platform is vital for the purpose of synchronisation between your system and your email marketing platform. this custom system is designed to be flexible enough to be integrated with both standard CRMs and custom integrations, offering the developer several methods and a standardised way of parsing data.

What are event notifications?

Event notifications are custom HTTP callbacks that are triggered by events that occur within the system. When the system registers a predefined event, this is returned in one of multiple formats. The options for receiving this event data are: - **Client Pull** : Using the SOAP API to batch retrieve these events in an associative array (map) - **Email** : The data is placed in a simple email which is triggered to a specified address. - **HTTP** (POST) : From a specific IP address the system will send a POST data array to a defined location where a listener can validate and parse these requests. - **FTP** : The POST data can be configured into a string, written to a log that can periodically be uploaded to a defined FTP location (non-sFTP), consider this as a daily logging option.