Getting Started

This getting started guide is designed to aid in understanding the key components and concepts of this API and is categorised into the following areas:


  • What is the difference between this API and standard SOAP?
  • Why is this so?
  • Here you'll find a link to our WSDL (web service definition language) describing our service
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Introduction to Beans

  • What do we mean by beans?
  • How do we store beans?
  • What are the types of bean?
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Requests and Responses

  • Dissecting a request through the API
  • Dissecting a response returned from the API
  • How these are structured?
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Anatomy of a Session

  • Pulling theory together
  • Creating a new list (XML example)
  • A must read for demonstrating an entire process
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Authentication is handled via specially designed system login. The combination of username and password is used during a login request to create a temporary contextId that binds a session together between a login request and a logout request. The password runs through a secure encryption algorithm, and the contextId produced is a unique encrypted key itself.