A SOAP conversation consists of a request and response, the request is made, the system processes this and any parameters that might affect the request and a response is returned. The key difference between traditional SOAP and Our API is :
As long as there is understanding on how one request is made, the blueprint is clear for subsequent requests.

WSDL : Web service definition language

The WSDL contains the name of the generic function, the fields being passed in and the response being returned. They are fully commented, and explain each of the parameters passed.
To summarise the content:
  1. The main generic function is called handleRequest
  2. The input message is called the paintRequest
  3. paintRequest and therefore handleRequest is made up of the parameters:
  4. The output message is called the paintResponse and is returned by the handleRequest function
  5. The requests are processed at http://paint.pure360.com/_bus/request.soap
These requests come in both the standard Pure360 and a generic flavour, and many languages contain libraries for parsing both the requests and responses (e.g. PHP SoapClient).