**Description :** Used ONLY for toggling the status of automations from INACTIVE to ACTIVE
**Unique Methods** To call these methods use the following example structure...
contextId   string  :   C-KFDsCMMHXpDUi0ltN0p3FvF
className   string  :   bus_facade_campaign_automation
processName string  :   methodName  i.e. toggleStatus
entityData  array   :   i.e. array('beanId'  => ID of the bean (updated/loaded) in the bean store) 
processData array   :   i.e. array('entityId' => Id of the entity that relates to the process)
Name Parameters Description
toggleStatus Process Data : automationId => ID of automation to toggle Toggles the status of an automation from active to inactive and vice versa

Example Process - Toggling an Automation Status

[**WSDL**](http://paint.pure360.com/paint.pure360.com/ctrlPaint.wsdl) *Our WSDL defines our web service and where to locate our web service. In understanding these examples please familiarise yourself with the handleRequest (paintRequest / paintResponse)* **Step 1:** Use the automation Id returned from the store request and the overall automation facade to toggle the status to ACTIVE * Use the contextId to reference the current session in progress (generated during a login request) - bus_facade_context * To access the automation entities use the campaign automation entry point/gateway * Perform a toggleStatus process with the process data parameter as the automation id. **Example Request / Response**
contextId   string  :   C-KFDsCMMHXpDUi0ltN0p3FvF
className   string  :   bus_facade_campaign_automationBySignup
processName string  :   toggleStatus
entityData  array   :   null
processData array   :   'automationId'  => ID of the new entity
Result   array :
         'result' => "success"


Read-Only Variables : SEARCH

Name Data Type Example Description
idData array[string[integer]] array(
Array of messageIds returned from a search process